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Jisc strikes deal with Splunk for academia


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Jisc has struck a deal with Splunk to provide universities and colleges with reduced cost access to its data analytics software.

The non-profit digital solutions provider for the academic sector has used its bulk buying capacity to to provide a more cost-effective deal for members than they would obtain on the open market.

Its Security Operations Centre is already using the company’s software to detective and analyse security vulnerabilities, but it emphasised it can be configured to appraise a range of data.

Exeter University is also using the software to improve its cyber security.

Mark Tysom, product manager in Jisc’s security division, said: “Now, by offering cost-effective access to Splunk, we have made it easier for more universities, colleges and research centres to benefit from its many potential applications, particularly in cyber security.

“Splunk can help turn large amounts of machine data into useful insights that organisations can use to strengthen cyber protection, manage business operations, inform investment decisions, benefit researchers and save time.”

Collecting experience

He added that Jisc hopes to collect information from users of the software in the research and education sector to assess how it can meet various needs.

News of the deal comes a few weeks after NHS Digital announced an arrangement to give health service organisations a discount on access to the Splunk Enterprise data monitoring and analytics platform. It emphasised its potential to help them deal with cyber threats and improve resilience.

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