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Jisc says students want more generative AI


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Students want to see an increased use of generative AI in higher education, according the edtech membership organisation for the sector Jisc.

It has published a new report, Student perceptions of generative AI, noting some significant changes since its first on the issue last year.

The report is based on discussion forums with more than 200 students and learners from colleges and universities around the UK which focused on five areas: generative AI literacy, academic integrity, responsible and ethical use, equity and accessibility, and employment.

Jisc said the key changes in perceptions since the first report was published in August 2023 include that GenAI is being used in more of a coaching role, providing support for active learning and critical thinking rather than just providing answers.

There is a growing demand for the integration of the technology in education, which will affect the future demand for skills in the sector, and students expect educators to be able to use GenAI competently.

But there are also concerns about ethics, equity and accessibility that students want institutions to address.

Growing confidence

Sue Attewell, head of AI and co-design at Jisc said: “Confidence is clearly growing among students and learners as AI becomes increasingly integrated into our everyday lives, and their demands for GenAI ready skills to prepare them for the future workplace are spot on.

 “Their dedication to equality, accessibility and fair use also highlighted some key concerns which featured strongly in the discussion forums. Educators must act on these if they want to ensure a positive learning experience for all. 

 “Overall, students want a safe, responsible, accessible and adaptive GenAI experience that’s uniformly applied across their education, delivered by capable, AI-literate educators to support them in achieving their future ambitions.”

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