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IT giant spots digital desires



Britons are ready for digital by default - research from Fujitsu shows UK consumers are ready for a nation that is digital by default but government is lagging, says IT giant

Britain is a nation of digital natives who are waiting for public services to catch up, according to research by IT giant Fujitsu. It claimed today that over a fifth of Britons "will always opt for a digital-first approach, when a digital service is offered". Online banking and shopping are the most used (67% and 66% respectively) across the nation and public services perceived as most in need of improvement.

Michael Keegan, UK & Ireland chief executive, claimed the figures show "we are speeding towards a digital-first Britain".

"We are now more confident in our ability to use the services offered, we understand the benefits and as such, it is consumers themselves pushing organisations to create a digital future." Among such organisations are public bodies: the survey showed that local authorities and central government agencies were where Britons were most likely to want improvement. They were named by 24% and 20% of respondents as sectors "that must improve quickly to remain relevant".

Among people who do not use digital service, 37% "simply prefer human interaction", 20% had concerns about security and 15% felt digital services were too complicated and didn't know how to use them. Only 26% of respondents felt that enough was being done across the UK to educate citizens on digital services, while 54% said they would like to see the government do more to prepare citizens for a digital future.

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