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Is cloud key to integrating health and care?


Helen Olsen Bedford Publisher

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cloud integrating data around patient
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There is a growing consensus that the effort to integrate health and social care will involve extensive use of cloud services but there will be common complexities and challenges – on which we’re keen to hear your thoughts.

How important do you think cloud technologies will be in the successful implementation of integrated care systems (ICS) and new models of care? Will the future ICS look to public, private or hybrid cloud operating models? And will data sovereignty impact those choices?

Legacy technology may well be a barrier to harnessing the full benefits of cloud – but just how big a barrier? Indeed, do you think that legacy systems are a help or a hinderance to effectively accessing and using data across health and social care?

How high a priority in planning is cyber security as we look to build out virtual wards and connect ever more devices to the core – does this inevitably intensify the risk or can ‘secure by design’ be built in from the get-go?

Perhaps most pertinently with today’s ever tightening budgets, do your organisation’s procurement processes enable you to easily buy cloud services? Or are the old ‘capex’ and ‘opex’ budget splits still a challenge?

So many questions… but just five minutes of your time

UKAuthority's latest Inform research project, supported by SCC Hyperscale, aims to clarify the cloud demands for integrated care. First a quick (yes, truly five minutes!) survey, followed by a virtual round table debate and a UKA Live special focus culminating in a white paper in the Spring.

A key step towards understanding these issues is to share opinions and experience, and learn from other organisations - building a picture of common problems and priorities. We are inviting DDaT and transformation professionals from across the NHS and relevant organisations in local and central government to participate in this project. There are questions and scope for comment, providing an opportunity to influence the debate and provide perspectives on the issue.

We’re eager to receive your views - here or via the button below. 

Thank you in advance for your time and willingness to share your thoughts. If you are interested in participating in the virtual round table later this month please contact me direct: [email protected]

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