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UK Parliament to set up 'Digital Office'

The UK Parliamentary authorities have announced they are to establish a new "Digital Office" bringing together the management of all online and ICT services in the Palace of Westminster into a single organisation. The management boards of the House of Commons and House of Lords have agreed to the move following a strategic review of Parliament's online services commissioned from the digital democracy charity mySociety. The boards have also accepted the review's other main recommendation, that they should appoint a "Head of Digital" to run the new single organisation, who will be "publicly accountable for delivering measurably rising levels of satisfaction with Parliament's digital services from members, staff and the public." In the words of the review, "The position should be powerful - the head of digital must be able to alter or cancel any digital project anywhere in Parliament, otherwise their drive will be undermined by well-meaning projects that are delivered without being needs-focused." Key skills to be sought in any candidate for the job should include "a wide-ranging understanding of the technologies that compose the modern internet, how they interoperate, what their potential is, and what their limits are." The review has now been opened for general consultation on the Parliament website.
Pictured: The Palace of Westminster by Paul Clarke

Strategic Review of Online Services:

Digital Unite launches 'Spring Online!' digital inclusion campaign

Digital Unite, one of the UK's main providers of digital skills learning, is calling on volunteers, organisations and businesses to organise digital taster events in their communities as part of its award-winning annual Spring Online campaign. This year the campaign is running in association with Carphone Warehouse from 31 March-4 April. Digital Unite supports event holders with downloadable posters, leaflets and certificates, activity ideas and guidance. "Spring Online is a great way to get involved in your local community", says Dick Stroud, acting managing director of the charity. "Through the 13 years of this campaign, we've seen the powerful effects of bringing people together to share an interest and explore modern technology. However you do it, whether it's with a couple of tablets in your front room or by taking over your local community centre, being part of Spring Online can make a massive difference to everyone involved."
Spring Online:

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