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GovCamp Cymru examines future of public services in Wales

More than 100 people from all over the UK will come together in Cardiff on 27 September to discuss the future of public services and society in Wales. The govcamp is an "unconference" whereby attendees lead the programme, and it is free to attend. "It's open to anyone: public, private, whatever sector, whether this stuff is your work, or you're just passionate about it", said Esko Reinikainen, co founder of Cardiff based public service redesign specialists Satori Lab, one of the event's organisers. "The event is about how we mobilise a network of changemakers to get to work on those issues that are affecting services and fundamentally changing society right now. This is not a conference, there's no entrance fee and people are attending in their own time because they're passionate about what they want for Wales. We have citizens, CEOs, public servants, tech companies and others coming together. But status and job titles don't come into it, we're linking up people to share ideas and start making things happen on the day."
Pictured: The GovCamp Cymru home page

GovCamp Cymru:

Socitm workshops on ICT implications of health and social care reform

The ICT implications of health and social care reforms that will come into effect from April next year are the subject of nine one-day workshops to be hosted by the public sector Society of IT Management (Socitm) across the UK this Autumn. The workshops will present learning from England's 14 Health and Social Care Pioneers and from elsewhere in the UK, ahead of the requirement for all authorities with social care responsibilities to implement reporting requirements (April 2015); and integration of health and social care (April 2016). The events will follow two heath and social care summits, one in Leeds (25 September) and one to come in London (8 October), designed to raise awareness and understanding, engagement and ownership of the ICT challenges around implementation of health and social care reform. The regional workshops will pick up key issues from the summits and consider how these can be addressed more locally, with particular focus on practical steps needed to gain corporate commitment and leadership; connect the user and business requirements with the technical capability to meet them; and ensure practice can deliver the required policy outcomes. The events are aimed at CIOs/Heads of ICT, information management and other professionals from social care commissioning and delivery organisations, and specialists in care information systems, transformation and business process design. They run from 28 October to 9 December, with booking details found at the web link below.
Socitm Regional Workshops:

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