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Improvement Service approves Yoti for digital identity


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Scotland’s Improvement Service has said the public can now use the Yoti digital identity app for verification with its myaccount service.

The organisation, which provides support for local government in the country, said it is a step towards developing more digital services for Scottish citizens through myaccount.

The platform provides an online account that can be linked to a range of public services and is used by 23 local authorities and parts of NHS Scotland.

It said it will be possible for people to use Yoti on their smartphones to verify their myaccount to access services, and securely register and log-in without a username of password.

The app, which is available for iOS and Android, enables people to share specific attributes of their identity to use an online service. It can be set up on a smartphone by taking a selfie and adding a picture of an ID document, which are transformed into a digital identity.

Last year the organisation selected Yoti as one of its technology partners for the further development of myaccount. It was one of four companies chosen to help develop new technologies around the platform.

Further work

Sarah Gadsden, interim CEO of the Improvement Service commented: “We committed to further develop the myaccount service to strengthen our offer and our support for digital transformation.  It is pleasing to see these new developments come to fruition and we look forward to further build upon these in the coming months.”

Robin Tombs, CEO and co-founder Yoti, said it plans to work with the Improvement Service and Scottish councils to develop new ways to use the app.

Image by Andri Koolme, CC BY 2.0

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