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Humberside Police tests AI for domestic abuse calls


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Humberside Police control room
Image source: Police Digital Service

Humberside Police has run a successful proof of concept using AI technology to support the handling of calls on domestic abuse.

It has integrated AI from technology provider Untrite into its contact management processes in a project funded by the Police Digital Service (PDS) and the Office of Policing Chief Scientific Adviser (OPCSA)

PDS said the solution was first deployed early this year and has now showed it can provide a significant step forward in policing contact management. 

It acts as an assistant to call handers focusing on transcription, data mapping, and risk analysis, records important information and carries out key background searches.  This equips the call handlers to better support victims of crime.

The AI function checks for relevant information for any risk relevant to the call, such as whether a suspect named has warning markers for violent behaviour or using firearms. This helps the police provide an appropriate response.

It also interoperates with national policing sources such as the Police National Computer (PNC).

Strides in integration

Scott Dunn, head of IT at Humberside and South Yorkshire Police, said: “We are immensely proud of the strides we have made in integrating AI into our emergency response systems for domestic abuse calls. This fast paced project not only showcases our commitment to innovation but also our dedication to providing the best possible service to the public.  

We are eager to collaborate with our partners and the wider community to ensure the responsible and effective implementation of AI in policing." 

A PDS spokesperson said: "The project has demonstrated promising outcomes, highlighting the feasibility and potential sustainability of integrating AI into policing processes. We are actively engaging with strategic partners, including the Home Office, to explore wider implementations and engage with diverse communities for ethical and responsible AI usage." 

The organisation is now working with Humberside Police and other forces to see how the work can be taken forward.

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