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How green is your council's digital?


Helen Olsen Bedford Publisher

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SURVEY: How can we use digital technology to improve services and increase efficiency, while also reducing the environmental impact?

We are reliant more than ever on technology to underpin day-to-day operations and deliver services to our citizens. But in the universal quest to improve citizen services and efficiency how much attention are we giving to how we power this digital transformation? Is there an environmental cost?

Operational efficiency, equipment efficiency, datacenter infrastructure and renewable electricity efficiencies can all positively impact our environment. Can they also translate into both energy and carbon savings?

Using technology to enhance sustainability and decrease our environmental impact is good for the public sector, good for citizens and good for our planet.

But how many councils are considering these factors in their digital choices? And how many are using digital as part of their sustainability strategies?

So, has your council declared a Climate Emergency? Does it carry out ICT procurement in a sustainable way to meet its green commitments? Tell us how green your council's digital is today in our quick survey (less than five minutes, honest!) below.

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