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Healthcare review leader asks tech questions



Accelerated Access Review  chair Sir Hugh Taylor points to issues around data and technology

Questions about the use of data, encouraging patients to use new technology, and a point of access for innovators have been floated as part of the government’s review on speeding up the transformation of healthcare.

Sir Hugh Taylor (pictured), chair of the Accelerated Access Review, highlighted the questions in a blogpost and invited feedback as part of the process.

He said it can lead to far-reaching recommendations to the government and that the review team want to listen to patients, service users and professionals.

Adoption of a new technology in the NHS often takes several years due to the costs and timescale of development, the demanding processes for approval and caution among clinicians when it does become available.

The Accelerated Access Review is aimed at speeding up the whole process for technology, diagnostics and drugs.

Development emphasis

Several of the 18 questions refer to technology and the use of data, with an emphasis on development, funding, take-up and the relationship between the NHS and innovators.

The questions include:

  • How do we better engage all patients in new health technology?
  • How can we build on existing regulatory flexibilities for innovative technology?
  • How should the National Institute for Clinical Excellence evolve to keep pace with advances in technology?
  • How can we reduce or remove barriers to using transformative health technology?
  • How can the system support uptake of transformative health technology?
  • What are the options for a long term strategy for reimbursing new health technology in the NHS?
  • How can we develop a systematic way to share patient and NHS needs with innovators?

Taylor also highlighted the launch of an online engagement site that sets out the main themes and questions of the review.

“The new digital platform is just one part of the work that is already underway for the review,” he said. “There are ongoing meetings with key stakeholders and interactive workshops to support the evidence gathering process. The digital site will enhance this work, making it easier for people to add their voice.”


Picture from GOV.UK, Open Government Licence 3.0




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