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Government group publishes principles for ‘digital twin’ of UK infrastructure


Mark Say Managing Editor

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The Government Digital Framework Task Group (DFTG) has published a set of principles to support the development of a ‘digital twin’ of the UK’s infrastructure.

Named the Gemini Principles, they are aimed at improving the managing, maintenance and planning of transport, energy, water and telecommunications networks.

The move follows the recommendations of the National Infrastructure Commission’s Data for the Public Good report, which also led to the creation of the DFTG.

The digital twin involves simulations of the four elements of the infrastructure and will be aimed at providing a better understanding of the interdependencies of parts of the system.

Nine principles are included in the new publication:

  • The twin and framework must be used for the public good in perpetuity.
  • It must enable sustainable value creation, performance improvement and effective risk management.
  • It must provide determinable insight into the built environment.
  • Security is a priority.
  • The twin must be as open as possible.
  • The data should be of an appropriate quality for its purpose.
  • The twin must be based on a standard, collective and connected environment.
  • All parts must be clearly and transparently owned, governed and regulated.
  • It must be able to adapt and develop and technology and the requirements evolve, while remaining usable.

Mark Enzer, chair of the DFTG, said “The Gemini Principles are effectively the conscience of the digital built environment. If we want the national digital twin and information management framework to be for the public good, forever, we need start with strong founding values.

He added: “Appropriate coordination is required to achieve the huge potential benefits. The Gemini Principles are intended to help facilitate alignment for stakeholders throughout the built environment, and I look forward to engaging widely on the next steps via the roadmap.”

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