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Geospatial Commission joins UK Centre for Seabed Mapping

Seabed image
Image source: UK Hydrographic Office

The Geospatial Commission has become the 31st member of the UK Centre for Seabed Mapping (UK CSM).

The commission has joined government organisations including the Ministry of Defence, Royal Navy, Crown Estate and Scottish Government as members of the centre, which is administered by the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO).

It has signed a memorandum of understanding with UKHO setting out a commitment to work together.

The UK CSM supports the seabed mapping community to collaborate and coordinate the collection, management and access of publicly funded data. This reflects the use of marine geospatial information in almost every activity undertaken in the marine environment, including trade, informing sustainable environmental and resource management, and supporting national security and infrastructure.

Data quality and accessibility

Sarah Hodgetts, director of the Geospatial Commission, said: “The UK CSM plays a crucial role in driving up the quality and accessibility of seabed data that is needed for marine trade, environmental and resource decision making and to support national security.

“I am delighted that the Geospatial Commission has joined UKHO and the other members to work together to optimise the opportunities of our world-class seabed mapping capabilities and data resources.”

David Parker, UK CSM programme director, said: “This demonstrates the traction already achieved by the member organisations, who together promote the importance of seabed mapping for our national infrastructure and security.

“The UK CSM provides the opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing between members and those with a vested interest in the marine environment, as we strive to increase the coverage and access to quality marine data.”

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