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GDS takes next step towards Global Digital Marketplace


The Government Digital Service (GDS) is aiming to develop a model for a procurement platform as part of its Global Digital Marketplace Programme.

It has begun a discovery project, for which it is seeking support, on Wardley mapping procurement functions to identify the possibilities for common components and systems, with the aim of producing strategic recommendations.

The overall programme for a Global Digital Marketplace is based on the UK model and aimed at helping other governments make their procurement more transparent. It will be focused largely on digital, data and technology (DDaT) suppliers, and open to large companies and SMEs.

A Wardley map covers the structure of a business or service, mapping the components needed to serve the customer or user.

Illustrate connections

GDS said it aims to illustrate connections such as value chains of data, discrete data boundaries, technologies and business functions, and help officials in charge of developing public procurement systems to understand what gaps exist and problems can be solved by common components. This should help to prevent time and money being wasted on building or buying the wrong things.

This partly reflects the perspective that many governments are duplicating the effort in buying or building similar in-house procurement platforms.

The effort is also aimed at helping government buyers to clearly and quickly commission the right services in a transparent manner, and to give suppliers clear and quick access to government supply opportunities.

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