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GDS signs iProov for Digital Identity Programme


Mark Say Managing Editor

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The Government Digital Service (GDS) has signed two more contracts in the development of an app for checking digital identities.

It has agreed on both deals with authentication specialist iProov as part of the Digital Identities Programme, which includes the development of a mobile app to check identities for access to government services.

One of the contracts is for a biometrics service with a value of up £5.9 million, the other for genuine document checking and worth up to £11.6 million. Both are to run for two years.

Near field element

Few details of the deliverables have been made available for either deal, with the relevant attachments to contract notices having been heavily redacted. But the notice for document checks states that it involves the provision of iOS and Android software development kits for near field communication reading of travel documents.

The deals follow the award in February of a £4.8 million contract to Deloitte for professional services in the development of the app.

The plan was first presented in October of last year, with an initial deployment date of late this year.

iProov says on its website that it provides facial and other biometric verification technologies, and that it has contributed to the development of the NHS App, and that it includes the Home Office among its customers.

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