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GDS launches first service page on GOV.UK



‘Learning to drive’ page provides possible template to guide users through a range of government services

The GOV.UK team in the Government Digital Service has launched the first service page, focused on learning to drive, on the central government website.

It said this will be the first of a series for other services, designed to convey the ‘journey’ a member of the public faces through each.

The purpose is to save people from having to pull together different content and interact with government several times to use a service.

The ‘learning to drive’ page results from one of the pilots of the work, and has been regarded as one of the more straightforward services to deliver. The page has been designed on a pattern, with a series of steps for the user, that can now be applied to other services.

According to a blogpost on the project, within two days of the launch the page was being displayed as a Google search snippet.

The team is now looking at the analytics and feedback to assess how the page and service journey are working with users. If it appears to be the right approach it will be rolled out to other services, some of which could be more complex.

“We also want to look at things like what happens when a piece of content sits in multiple journeys and how we can accommodate more complicated service journeys, where there might be several ways for a user to achieve a task,” the blog says. “We also want to look at how these journeys are published and who should own them.”

Image from GOV.UK, Open Government Licence v3.0

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