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Finding key information from a vast store of content


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Matt Wicks, co-CEO technology and innovation at The Virtual Forge, outlines a solution to find important internal information with minimal effort

One of the big challenges facing knowledge workers in the public sector is finding the key information they need from a vast collection of documents, dashboards, audio files and images in order to start working.

They also need to know its provenance to be sure of its validity, especially when making decisions that affect the lives of individuals and policies that affect communities.

Along with this, their organisations need to be sure that only the right people are obtaining access to the information; that searches are subject to the appropriate permissions to maintain standards of information governance and security.

AI promises to make this possible, providing the capacity to rapidly search libraries of content, provide precise details of where it came from and enable organisations to manage the access to information in a secure manner.

The Virtual Forge has been active in developing such solutions for the public, private and academia sectors, drawing on its experience of the problems relevant to all three to produce data driven, cloud based software solutions.

Simplifying the search with AI

The Virtual Forge has developed the MyContent Scout, an AI search solution to simplify the search for key information. This enables the user to ask a question for which the answer should be within the organisation’s content, then searches through all repositories – as determined by the permissions of that user in a secure manner – in all formats including documents, digital dashboards, audio, images, visual and e-learning content.

It can then provide a precise answer and a summary with details of where the information came from, pinpointing the page in a document or element in a dashboard, or point to a recording or video. This makes it possible to read, view or listen to the relevant sections and obtain a clear answer to the question. This insights engine will also provide an AI summary on top of the information found. All content and access to organisational information is handled securely.

For example, it may relate to details around a company policies, a new update to regulation, benefits claim, entitlement of an individual service, or internal policies around HR or health and safety. The MyContent Scout solution provides not just the answer but also the details that make it possible to easily assess the value and audit the information.

It is about finding what you want, where you want, with the minimum of effort in a secure, permission controlled environment.

All of this comes with a choice of fixed price or consumption based models. For some clients the former may be more appropriate, while the latter often makes it possible to demonstrate the return on investment more quickly.

It amounts to an opportunity to find the right way for your organisation to overcome its challenges in finding and using its key information.

You can book a demo of MyContent Scout here. 

Standardised reporting 

The Virtual Forge is a data driven software development and data consultancy who understands users and their interfaces. The company has broad expertise in designing data models, KPIs, reports and dashboards that are visually engaging, dynamic and clearly present the key information for its users, with metrics that are easy to understand and standardised across the organisation. This can even include relevant animations within the dashboards to increase the impact without distracting from the important features.

The Virtual Forge has proven success in defining visual reports and templates to drive information to users through a standardised approach across the organisation, or a group of organisations, and in helping to deliver reports that can be both traditional or dynamic in their nature.

Matt joined UKAuthority's Powering Digital Public Services recently - catch up on his presentation below:


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