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Falkirk Council deploys app for tenement repairs


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Falkirk Council has become the latest in Scotland to support the use of the Novoville Shared Repairs mobile app to help tenement flat owners repair and maintain common areas.

The app – which was developed by Novoville with City of Edinburgh Council – enables people to join their ‘virtual tenement’ in which they can connect with others to manage the maintenance.

Falkirk said it enables one or all owners to work through the various legislative steps to arrange a common repair. Owners can create and issues standard letters in digital or paper form, identify and agree on repairs, appoint a contract, collect payment from other owners, instruct and pay a contractor for the work done.

The app will be linked with the council’s Buy with Confidence scheme, which offers protection for residents buying flats, and the e-account provider is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The council added that for blocks where it is the majority owner any repairs will continue to be around by its housing services.

Safety and ease

Cllr Gary Bouse, Falkirk’s spokesperson for housing and communities explained: “The app will give users a chance to ensure that everyone pays their share for communal work being carried out in their properties safely and easily."

“It can also help build better relationships amongst property owners as they will have a shared interest in maintaining their building.” 

Falkirk is the sixth council in Scotland to deploy the app.

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