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Facing up to new challenges in cyber security



New challenges are arising for those dealing with cyber security for the public sector.

As authorities aim to harness new technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), it creates new points of vulnerability and risk. These are not yet fully understood, but those in the vanguard of the effort are clear that it makes the assessment of threats and possible weak points even more complex.

This has intensified the need for best practice, sharing experience and intelligence between organisations, and a strong appreciation of the risks among public sector business leaders. Protection requires investment and the effort to create a culture of security, but the threat is often seen as a distant possibility rather than a pressing issue.

These factors provided the backdrop to UKAuthority’s recent Public Sector Cyber Forum, which brought together expert speakers with a core group of public service delegates to explore the issues and priorities for organisations. It yielded a series of insights and ideas on how organisations can prepare for the future cyber challenges facing the public sector. These are summed up in the briefing paper that can be downloaded from here.



Download the Public Sector Cyber Forum 2018 briefing note here.


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