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Explore the potential of location intelligence


The Covid-19 pandemic added fuel to the appreciation of the value of location data in the public sector.

Local authorities and NHS organisations linked data on places and properties with that on people to provide support for the vulnerable and their public health initiatives, playing an important part in managing the social impact of the pandemic.

An increasing number of organisations are making efforts to improve the quality and extent of the data that relates what they do to specific places and properties. They can see how it can link data from a range of sources to provide new insights on the demands on public services and how they can be aligned for better outcomes.

In turn, this is driving a national momentum to make the data more accessible and easier to use. Recent developments have included a government minister highlighting the importance of property identifiers, the Geospatial Commission developing a benchmark framework for access to the data, and the Scottish Government launching an interactive crop map to support planning around agricultural land.

It is a subject on which many are eager to improve their understanding, identify opportunities and possible pitfalls in making more of the location data held by themselves and third parties.

Next discussion

This will form the backdrop to the next UKA Live discussion on location intelligence, supported by Precisely and taking place on Friday 9 July at 11.00 am.

Taking part in the debate will be Martin Dowler, knowledge manager at Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation, Richard Duffield, head of customer insights from GeoPlace, Ian Drury, director of Ultranyx and Tracy Lister, strategic geospatial development and support manager at Walsall Council.

They will look at how how location data can provide the ‘golden thread’ to link places, people and services, and provide major benefits in areas ranging from social care, preventing crime and fraud and supporting emergency services. They will explore how to take the data into the realm of intelligence, providing organisations with fresh insights for their planning and operations.

The one hour live webcast is free to attend for the public sector, with registrations accessible from here.

Other UKA Live discussions coming soon:

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