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EU offers prizes for reusable IT solutions



UK public authorities might be able to wave goodbye to the EU by proving they have best digital offerings for public services

The UK might be on its way out of the EU, but the uncertain timetable means that public authorities still have a chance to take part in a competition organised by the European Commission to find the best reusable IT solutions for public services.

The commission has thrown out call for entries for the EC Sharing and Reuse Awards under its ISA2 programme, aimed at supporting the modernisation of services and interoperability of systems.

It is offering prizes of €15,000 and €10,000 for solutions and services that meet the criteria in one of four categories for local, regional and national administrations, along with (and this would be a real irony if there was UK winner) cross-border administrations.

“We want to give awards to existing IT solutions that have been developed and successfully shared by public administrations, and that can be further reused across Europe,” said Margarida Abecasis, head of the ISA2 programme.

“This award will put the best of these and other solutions and projects in the spotlight,” she added. “We hope the prize money will help the winning public administrations to expand the project’s reach.”

Only solutions developed for public administrations will qualify for the awards, and if they have been developed by a private sector company they will go the public authority concerned.

The jury will include staff members of the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament. Entrants can register here.


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