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ETSI adds four categories to SAREF IoT ontology


Mark Say Managing Editor


European standards organisation ETSI has extended its SAREF ontology for the internet of things (IoT) to cover automotive, e-health, wearable tech and water domains.

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It said the four new sectors of Smart Applications REFerence is aimed at enabling interoperability between solutions from different providers and supporting the development of a global market.

The ontology provides representations, formal naming and definitions for the relevant categories, helping to show how their properties are related.

The SAREF framework was designed to support the understanding of data provided by IoT devices, and is based on the principles of re-use and alignment, modularity, extensibility and maintainability.

Of the new categories, SAREF4AUTO focuses on three use cases in the automotive domain: platooning, automated valet parking and vehicle environments with vulnerable road users.

SAREF4EHAW provides ontology and semantics for e-health and ageing well, focused on monitoring and supporting healthy lifestyles, in the context of Covid-19, and early warning systems for cardiovascular accidents.

SAREF4WEAR covers a healthcare scenario around the use of wearable devices to monitor health and inform the user of their status in real time. Another scenario is around open air public events.

Finally, SAREF4WATER provides an ontology for water related applications, such as meters, distribution infrastructure for drinking water and an example of a key performance indicator.

Previous six

They join six previously developed extensions on energy, environment, building, smart cities, industry and manufacturing, and smart agriculture and the food chain.

Enrico Scarrone, chair of ETSI’s SmartM2M technical committee, said: “SAREF answers industry requirements for understanding the information carried out by data. It is therefore an essential complement to the ETSI IoT technical specifications landscape, as it integrates the communications protocols and systems with ontology and semantic support.

“SAREF and one M2M provide a perfect combination to assure IoT interoperability across business sectors and different protocols.”

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