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Environment Agency to develop climate change app


The Environment Agency (EA) is moving forward with plans to develop a mobile app to encourage people to make lifestyle changes to combat climate change.

It has published a market notice for support in a private beta project to begin by early April, saying it is in support of the Government’s commitment to make the UK carbon neutral by 2050.

This follows the development of an alpha version in a project with youth MPs two years ago. The notice says the EA wants to build a new version rather than extend the alpha, and that it should enable people to share information and encourage small lifestyle changes within their homes and communities.

“This project will raise the profile of the EA, particularly with young people, and promote EA as a potential career choice for our inspiring young climate champions,” it says.

The statement of works for the project says: “The system should actively encourage individuals using the app to complete achievable challenges that have a positive and meaningful impact on an individual and collective basis. 

“The users should be equally encouraged to find and share information with friends and family that will support their collective behaviour change towards having a positive impact on climate change.”

The EA is aiming to complete the private beta phase by the end of the year then move into public beta.

Image from iStock, simpson33

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