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DQHub claims progress with data maturity model for government


Mark Say Managing Editor

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The Government Data Quality Hub (DQHub) has said it has taken its work on a data maturity model for government to the point where it is ready to hand over the programme to the Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO).

The team, based in the Office for National Statistics, has reported that it has developed and piloted a prototype of the model, and that work is now underway to finalise its governance and align the work with other data and digital programmes in government.

The initiative is aimed at helping organisations get the full value from the data they hold by providing a framework to identify their strengths and areas in which they need to build capability.

DQHub said the prototype is built on the Data Orchard framework, originally designed for the third sector, with adaptations to meet the needs of the public sector. It takes a broad approach, encompassing technical data management, culture and leadership, and is designed to support an understanding of complex ideas among non-technical audiences.

Changes to the Data Orchard included removing data not relevant to government or below its minimum expectations, and adjusting the framework to focus on high level outcomes.

Emphasis on outcomes

The model developed by DQHub is framed around 10 core topics of data management, crosscut with themes such as culture, skills, tools and leadership. Maturity is measured against a series of statements representing outcomes of data practice.

Pilots of the prototype began in November of last year and ran for six months.

DQHub stated: “Over the course of the project, we found that whilst conducting a thorough data maturity assessment is challenging, the government data maturity model provides a means to effectively understand your data practices, find your strengths, and identify your areas for improvement.

“We also found that although generating data maturity scores is useful, the process of conducting a self-assessment is greatly beneficial. Carrying out the assessment helps to build or reinforce connections throughout organisations, start important conversations about data, and establish data as a vital organisational priority.”

CDDO is staging an online conference, DataConnect, through next week to outline ongoing work on data in government.


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