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Don’t believe the hype: Why AI and robotics are a giant opportunity for humankind


Industry voice: If you believe the more sensationalist stories in the media, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are out to get us. And that’s leading many organisations to frantically worry about the forthcoming age and the rise of the robots, where algorithms and automatons will cut us out of decision-making processes, will render our jobs obsolete, and will probably want to destroy humankind and use us for batteries, writes Dr Adam Rutherford

As ever, the reality is rather less threatening, but much more interesting…

AI is already driving our everyday lives

The first thing to acknowledge is that AI is already here, embedded in our workplaces and lives. Cognitive software and robotic process automation (RPA) are already in place doing the intellectual heavy lifting in so many domains of our lives and businesses – chugging away doing the work and repeated tasks that we as humans can’t do, or don’t want to do.

When an algorithm can process incoming invoices, extract the data, send the payment for approval and then pay your supplier, why would you (as a finance professional) want to sit there keying in all that information? Wouldn’t you rather be working on your finance strategy for the next quarter?

Automation that improves the workplace

RPA is a real part of the ongoing revolution that’s happening around us, and the reality is that businesses who aren’t adopting new processes in automation are in danger of falling behind.

I’ve worked with Blue Prism for a few years now, thinking about how RPA can change the workplace, to increase efficiency and streamline workflows, but primarily to free up humans to do what they do best. That is what technological disruption is always about – improving the quality of our lives.

Blue Prism World: Beyond Intelligent Automation

Blue Prism World is a two-day technology conference that’s at the forefront of this ongoing business culture shift – helping organisations to embrace the benefits of RPA

We’re welcoming business from around the world to engage with the ideas of how RPA and AI can free up human capital to do the things that we enjoy. The keynote speakers are leaders in technology for business:

Martha Lane Fox is a serial disruptor who’s lead the UK in forging a forward looking and positive relationship with digital technologies. She’s also a crossbench peer in the House of Lords, a chancellor of the Open University and a director of Twitter, so you can be sure she’ll have some key insights into the future of digital transformation.

Derek Miers, a senior director analyst at Gartner, will be closing day two of the show with his thoughts on the digital landscape. He’s a digital veteran with more than 25 years’ experience as an industry analyst and consultant on digital transformation, business architecture, process management and technology innovation across industry and government.

Sharing ideas: building the future of RPA

Sharing ideas, innovations and building partnerships is how to stay ahead, because the revolution is already underway.

So, if you’re looking to start your digital transformation, or want to improve the human impact that RPA can have for your workforce, come along to Blue Prism World and get the insights, advice and motivation you need to make automation work for you.

Blue Prism World London takes place on April 3-4 2019 at the London ExCel. 

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