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Dialling Scotland in for digital success



Industry voice: Civica Digital supporting Scotland's vision for integrated digital services

Renowned Scottish born scientist and innovator Alexander Graham Bell triggered the analogue revolution by inventing the telephone in 1876.

Today, 140 years on, Scotland is carrying forward the next part of the revolution, setting the target to make itself a digital nation by 2020. But in a recent Civica survey, only 43% of local government employees in Scotland said they believe the country will achieve its vision. So how can Scotland ensure it dials in for digital success?

In light of this digital drive, Civica brought together public sector leaders from across Scotland to discuss how the nation can build on Bell’s legacy. Their report, ‘Dialling Scotland in for digital success’ summarises the key findings from our senior public sector forum, and together with results from new research from Scottish local authority employees, helps identify the potential bumps and opportunities on the road ahead for Scotland.

You can understand more by watching this short video:


The survey also revealed that 69% of council workers believe digital exclusion is higher in Scotland than the rest of the UK, 44% see digital connectivity as its biggest challenge, and just 20% think their organisation is using data to deliver better insights. But 40% of citizens do not trust their council or government to handle their data.

While none of us can fully predict the changes that lie ahead, there are steps
that Scotland can take now to ensure Bell’s legacy, not just endures, but thrives:

  • Tackle digital exclusion – invest in infrastructure and boost digital education (especially in rural areas) and build services around citizens at a local level.
  • Empower change – embrace change, set a clear vision and foster a rewarding culture that lets the risk takers and doers, do.
  • Redefine & liberate data – don’t view data as an asset you own, but rather as being on loan. If it’s looked after and shared you will unlock its true value and deliver enriched services.
  • Move beyond a channel shift – take a holistic and end-to-end transformation approach to ensure services are integrated and deliver the change and efficiencies required.

While following these steps, public sector organisations throughout Scotland
must continue to work together, embrace change and deliver better outcomes
for their citizens.

"There’s a real drive to reform our public services in Scotland. You can see it already in the creation of Police Scotland and the integration of health and social care, and new powers provide us with an amazing opportunity to do things differently." 
Colin Cook, Director Digital, Scottish Government

You can download the full report, 'Dialling Scotland in for Digital Success', here, or view a snapshot in the summary report.


Thumbnail image by elmarfis, CC by 2.0 via Flickr

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