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DfT to add analytics to Bus Open Data Service


Mark Say Managing Editor


The Department for Transport (DfT) is planning to add reporting and analytical services to the Bus Open Data service (BODS).

Bus at station

It is working on the project with transit data specialist Ito World and consultancy KPMG, with the aimed of beginning to roll out the service extensions from the autumn and into next year.

This follows the launch of BODS in January to provide scope for developers to create new passenger information services.

Ito World said the addition of an integrated transit model will match real time data to timetables, archive historical data and provide app developers with easy to use general transit feed specification (GTFS) data. A reporting and analytics suite should also enable a constant, real time view of the national bus network and provide metrics for tracking its performance across England.

The company said the move will also help to deliver better data to passengers.

DfT’s head of passenger experience (buses and taxis) Meera Nayyar said: “These extensions significantly further the ability of BODS to digitally transform the delivery of bus services and, ultimately, the passenger experience.

“They will help revolutionise the way in which the DfT, and other stakeholders, collect and analyse bus data, enabling us to identify network optimisations more easily and help us support operators in reporting their on-time performance statistics.”

National dataset

Johan Herrlin, chief executive officer of Ito World, said the additional services will contribute to a complete national dataset for England’s bus services.

“Accurate, timely and accountable data will help operators improve their service provision and enable local authorities to enhance transport in their regions directly and through partners and, ultimately, ensure passengers can make the most from their bus services,” he said.

Ito World added that the legal requirements for bus operators to publish their data openly will come into force later this year, with timetables having to published by 31 December and fares and vehicle location data from 7 January next year.

Image: Geoff Sheppard, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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