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Derbyshire County Council to deploy air quality sensors

Zephyr air quality monitor
Image source: EarthSense

Derbyshire County Council is planning to install air quality monitoring sensors from EarthSense in and around the town of Ashbourne.

The council will use a network of EarthSense Zephyr monitors on lighting poles, combined with the company’s MappAir modelling tool, to better understand levels of nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone and particulates in the town.

Derbyshire is taking action after pollution in the Buxton Road hill area of Ashbourne was formally designated a public health hazard requiring urgent action. As part of that, the county and Derbyshire Dales District Council will track air quality issues and develop an action plan.

Greg Lewis, head of sales and marketing at EarthSense, said: “Targeted interventions to improve air quality provide an opportunity to make a positive impact on the urban environment and sometimes the only way to really know is to conduct trials and monitor the situation. We're pleased to be able to support Derbyshire County Council and the community of Ashbourne in this project to improve air quality."

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