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Defending the public sector's cyber attack surface


Helen Olsen Bedford Publisher

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As cross-agency working expands in the public sector so does the potential surface for cyber attacks. 

There are more possible routes through which vulnerabilities can be exploited, affecting not just the initial target but any organisations with which it joins up digitally. And there are possible weak links in supply chains, with the danger that when a supplier is breached it can lead to the compromise of systems and data in sensitive areas of public services.

It was against a strong awareness of these factors that UKAuthority's Resilience and Cyber4Good conference 2023 took place, bringing together a number of speakers from organisations leading the national effort, along with people from local authorities, NHS bodies and the technology industry.  

More than 170 delegates took part in the three day online event on the cyber threat and how public services can keep one step ahead of anticipating the next direction of attack. Speakers shared experiences and perspectives on strenghtening resilience and took part in lively discussions and Q&A sessions with delegate participation too.

2024's Resilience & Cyber4Good 2024 takes place on 18-20 September - R
egister here

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