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Data sharing in Greater Manchester


Responsible data sharing improves data accuracy and decision making.

It also provides the basis for better, more proactive, care and services – driving better outcomes for our citizens and patients as they interact with our local public services or move from hospital to home.

Greater Manchester’s councils, health services and Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) are working together to provide a growing range of services across care, education, NHS, third sector and emergency services that provide both residents and professionals with data that is joined up data, a cohesive user experiences, as well as an expandable technology platform.

Its experience in building the platform and culture for data sharing will provide the subject for a UKA Live discussion, staged by UKAuthority with Civica, on Wednesday 14 July.

It will cover a unique approach to regional data sharing in the public sector, taking in the challenges and opportunities, and how it promises to provide a basis for more strongly integrated services across the city-region.

Participants will be Jon Burt, lead enterprise architect at the GMCA, Matt Hennessy, chief intelligence and analytics officer at the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, and Chan Phung, chief innovation officer for master data management at Civica.

Viewers of the live discussion will be able to submit questions as part of an opportunity to learn more about the data sharing ambitions of one of the UK’s largest devolved authorities.

It takes place at 11.00-12.00 on 14 July and is free to public sector employees. Registration details are here.

Other UKA Live discussions coming soon:

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