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Companies win funding for patient flow projects



SBRI Healthcare provides first phase money for eight digital projects aimed at moving patients through health and social care more effectively

An NHS England initiative has handed out £700,000 to support a group of digital projects aimed at helping healthcare organisations to improve their flow of patients.

The Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare (SBRI Healthcare), led by the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), has allocated the money to eight companies to support feasibility testing of their plans over the next six months.

It intends to follow this up with second rounds of funding for prototype development and accelerating the adoption of their products.

The projects are focused on improving patient flow, largely through the use of new digital products, and have been awarded up to £100,000 each.

The eight companies to receive funding are:

  • Care Sourcer, to develop a web platform to support the movement of patients from hospitals to care homes.
  • IEG4, in partnership with Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, for a software to deliver personalised assessed outcomes to patients, carers and families needing support on discharge.
  • 6.P.M Management Consultancy, to establish StrokeNet, a browser based digital platform for the real time exchange of clinical information in managing bed availability and clinical resources.
  • PMD Device Solutions, to develop a suite of digital interfaces for the integration of its respiratory produce and electronic medical record systems.
  • BeamLine Diagnostics, for a biopsy triaging system for colorectal adenocarcinoma (rectal cancer).
  • Highland Biosciences, for patient coagulopathy (bleeding disorder) diagnostics in acute care.
  • Nervecentre Software, with a bed management system.
  • Sepsis, to prototype a point of care device that monitors the progression of symptoms.

Shirlene Oh, director of commerce at Imperial College Health Partners commented: “Media reports have stated that hospitals across the country are under significant pressure during the winter period. AHSNs are working together to find innovative solutions which address patient flow through hospital systems and acute care.

“The eight successful companies are developing exciting approaches to support the NHS in responding to these challenges.”

SBRI Healthcare works with healthcare organisations and companies to identify areas where technology can be applied to address major challenges. The AHSNs connect academics, NHS officials, researchers and industry to encourage innovation in the sector.

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