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Companies House to launch WebFiling account


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Companies House has announced that it will launch a new WebFiling account for businesses next Monday, 12 September.

It said this will make it possible for owners of more than one business to manage the records for all of them through the single account.

It will also enable the digital authorisation of directors for a new company as part of the online incorporation process.

The agency said benefits of the new system will include: strong security through multi-factor authentication; the ability to link a company to a WebFiling account for more control over filings; the ability to digitally authorise and remove authorisations for people to file on behalf of a company owner; and an option to sign up to emails to help with the running of a company.

Once an owner has linked a company to their account, they will not need to enter their authentication code every time they file online.

Companies House said this is the first step in creating a single sign-in across all its services and an important milestone in its strategy for 2020-25.


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