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HS2 picks Imprima for first electronic deposit of UK legislation

"Virtual data room" provider Imprima has been chosen to enable the government to share the hybrid High Speed Rail Bill for Phase One of HS2 (London - West Midlands) with interested parties including the press, MPs and the public. Imprima helped the government make the Bill information accessible and more easily available to the public - the first time electronic format has been accepted for deposit of a legislative Bill. Imprima compressed thousands of sensitive files, then indexed and mapped them onto USB memory sticks to facilitate public access and ensure the data was presented identically to the HS2 website. Imprima also created a secure online payments gateway, where interested parties could purchase copies of the Bill and supporting documents. Tony Malone, Deputy Chief Information Officer of HS2 Ltd: "Working with Imprima we achieved something never done before by depositing a major piece of transport legislation in an electronic format."
Pictured: The HS2 Hybrid Bill consultation website


Advanced launches revamped finance system for mobile workers

Advanced Business Solutions has launched a new version of its financial management system, e5, with better support for mobile and collaborative technologies. e5 allows organisations to track projects, create and monitor budgets and forecasts and manage procurement and credit control processes. The latest version a new HTML5 user interface to allow employees to manage and report their financial activity from mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads. The system is also available in the public or private cloud, making it a more cost effective and flexible option depending on customer requirements.
Advanced Business Solutions:

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