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Bluesky begins night time aerial photo mapping trials

Aerial survey specialist Bluesky is to conduct trials of the world's first integrated night mapping system. Combining a specially adapted camera with Bluesky's state of the art LiDAR (laser imaging) and thermal imaging sensors it is hoped the trials will produce essential data to help combat light pollution, energy wastage and help manage urban habitats. The system has been developed in partnership with the University of Leicester following a Bluesky funded research project. The company says the Bluesky Night Mapper data can be used by local authorities and conservation organisations to provide an assessment of light pollution to help reduce unnecessary illumination and focus lighting infrastructure where it is needed most. In particular it can be used as an aid for Local Authorities in planning their environmental zones for exterior lighting control within their development plans, it says. The night time images can also be used as an aid for street lighting inventories and condition assessments, Bluesky says. Additional applications are expected to include measurement of illumination for energy consumption evaluations and additional intelligence to support innovative projects to 'dim' or even switch off selected streetlights in an effort to save money and cut carbon emissions.
Picture: Leicester at night, from the Bluesky survey.


Dell helps customers manage printing costs with PaperCut software

Computer company Dell has announced it will now offer customers PaperCut print management software. PaperCut allows companies and organisations of any size, from schools to accounting firms, to manage their print resources and maintain and improve security, the company says. It can be used as a monitoring service allowing visibility of print environments, enabling customers to track, control and record their printing capacities, and ensure compliance with local laws through audit trails. PaperCut software also offers a range of features designed with the education sector in mind, Dell says. This means schools, colleges, and universities can offer top-up cards for students and a variety of advanced scripting capabilities, including enforced duplex printing or free printing during class times. And the ability to produce an audit trail of who has been printing which documents has become of increased importance to departments in sectors such as healthcare where there is the need to adhere to strict compliance regulations, it says.

Daisy Group joins IP telephony services framework for Scottish universities

Business communications provider Daisy Group plc has announced it has been chosen as one of the providers on the Scottish APUC (Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges) framework agreement for IP telephony systems and as the sole provider for the procurement of Mitel and Avaya handsets. IP telephony is particularly useful for multi-site educational institutions, helping ensure campuses can communicate more efficiently and effectively, the company says. The position on the framework agreements runs initially until September 2015, with potential for extension beyond that date. Daisy now also has the ability to provide a range of services to the large framework base including solution configuration, implantation and management; network services; maintenance and support and telecommunication consultancy; and related professional services.
Daisy Group:
Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC):

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online secures UK government Impact Level 2 accreditation

Microsoft has announced that its cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Dynamics CRM Online, has been awarded Impact Level 2 (IL2) data security accreditation by the UK government. The Microsoft Dynamics platform is designed to help organisations manage relationships with their customers and stakeholders, enabling more personalised engagement and providing greater insights to the organisation. With the IL2 pan-government accreditation, public sector organisations using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can get up and running faster since they no longer need to secure this accreditation service by service, the company says. Microsoft's EU datacentres are based in Dublin and Amsterdam and the Dynamics CRM Online service complies with key regulatory and data processing standards. IL 2 is also known as PROTECT and it includes personal information. The Impact Levels are defined by the Cabinet Office and CESG, the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance for UK Government.
Microsoft Dynamics:

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