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Cloud is an operating model not a location


Helen Olsen Bedford Publisher

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Cloud is not a location, says Nutanix’s Andrew Puddephatt, rather it's an operating model for delivering services and applications that the public sector can harness.

He outlines how Manchester City Council architected a hyperconverged infrastructure, providing a private cloud for delivering services to citizens, whilst also being able to burst into public cloud whenever needed.

He also describes how Derby City Council encountered cost and legacy issues as an early adopter of public cloud, so repatriated back to a private cloud data centre – reducing costs by 75% and becoming perfectly poised to adopt public cloud as and when needed in the future.

This interview was filmed in the UKA Live studio after our expert panel discussion on 'Cloud first or cloud smart' - you can watch the full programme here

For more information or to discuss the themes from the live webcast, email [email protected]

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