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Cloud helps Lincolnshire stay operational during Covid-19


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Lincolnshire County Council’s street asset management operation could have been severely impacted as the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

It had moved onto a new term maintenance contract during lockdown in March and April - resulting in its inspection and maintenance officers having to suddenly adapt to working together under a new set of procedures, all whilst facing office closures and severe impacts to their usual channels of communication.

But thanks to their adoption of mobile devices and their recent decision to move their Confirm asset management system onto a cloud based platform hosted by Precisely, Lincolnshire was able to ride out the change with few problems, ensuring that its inspectors were able to communicate and exchange data with the contractors whilst remaining out in the field.

Nicola Casburn, Lincolnshire’s asset management commissioner, explains in the video below how it managed the transition and ensured that, despite a radical change in the way its staff work, it was able to carry on in the face of the pandemic:

“We’d moved our Confirm system middle of February over to the OnDemand offering, which is the cloud offering, so taking the application away from Lincolnshire and hosted by the system providers, Precisely.”

Casburn discusses how cloud based technology became a critical enabler for Lincolnshire to stay operational during the pandemic: “For us it was very important, one of the main factors to enable us to have a full end-to-end process from that enquiry coming in.

“If we hadn’t gone to a cloud system, we wouldn’t be able to share those documents with the contractor”.

Watch the interview with Nicola Casburn below to learn more about the transition as well as thoughts on how these changes to working may well be here to stay.

Nicola recently participated in an episode of UKA Live: Smart places, smart working. You can view here

Pitney Bowes Software and Data are now Precisely. To learn more about Confirm, Precisely’s solution for smart infrastructure management, please visit:

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