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Cloud is hot – for the public sector this has been fuelled by the Government’s ‘Cloud First’ policy. But what is the reality behind the hype? What can cloud actually ‘do’ for the public sector? And how is the public sector using cloud services today?

Skyscape’s public sector roadshows later this month in Newcastle (22nd June), Bristol (23rd June), Leeds (29th June) and London (30th June) provide an opportunity to learn how the UK public sector is using cloud services today, via a range of service providers, to support the successful digital transformation of citizen services.

“As a business that exclusively serves the public sector, our focus is on helping our customers to realise efficiency and cost savings, by enabling them to digitise their public services. To this end, we’re committed to educating government bodies and suppliers alike on the benefits of adopting cloud technology,” said Simon Hansford, CEO at Skyscape Cloud Services (pictured).  

“Our UK public sector cloud roadshows are part of this education process. Attendees will learn how the development of cloud native applications and the migration of legacy ones can transform the way services are delivered, as well as deliver significant benefits to UK citizens. We felt that a great way to appreciate this was to hear case studies from a number of high profile organisations which have already successfully migrated their operations to the cloud.”

All the events are designed to encourage discussion and debate over a working lunch. Each will be chaired by a journalist and a series of case studies will be presented by both central government organisations and successful suppliers such as BJSS, CACI, Capgemini, Equal Experts, Kainos and Valtech.

The agenda will examine how cloud-native applications are successfully delivering benefits to the public sector today and explore how service delivery is changing with the introduction of new open source technologies, use of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and a growing DevOps community. It will also tackle head-on the challenge of how to successfully migrate a legacy application to the cloud.

Security also forms a key focus, with industry and legal experts on hand to address buyers’ security concerns over migrating to the cloud as well as discussing the implications of new European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) to cloud deployment.

Hansford added, “We hope that the knowledge gained from these roadshows will both encourage the public sector to adopt cloud and encourage SMEs and other providers to pursue contracts with the public sector - with the ultimate aim of dismantling legacy contracts, diversifying the supplier landscape and reducing the cost of public sector technology.”

All sessions will be held from 12-3pm and a working
lunch will be served. Reserve your place now by clicking
on the relevant link below: 


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