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Centre to review Welsh digital public services


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Wales’ Centre for Digital Public Services (CDPS) is planning a landscape review of the country’s digital services.

It follows the setting up of the body by the Welsh Government last year and is aimed at ensuring it makes the right strategic choices for its priorities in providing direction, standards, guidance, training and practical help in the sector.

The organisation has published a market notice for support in the exercise, which it says will begin in June with four months for discovery and alpha phases then eight to 12 for beta.

CPDS said the work will focus on providing an evidence base for the public sector’s decisions on investment in platforms, services, contracts and technology, and skills and teams, with an emphasis on finding iterative approaches to dealing with the various issues.

Limited view

"At present, there is no overarching quantitative or qualitative view of the state of digital public services across Wales,” the notice says.

“Some data may exist in pockets, but the coverage and quality of it is not well understood at the centre. This makes it difficult to set priorities, assign investment or find potential opportunities for collaboration, making savings or joining up organisations that are trying to meet common needs.”

It adds: “This work will ensure the team can make strategic choices about what it does in order to deliver impact and value in a transparent, data driven way that benefits the Welsh public sector as a whole, and that can be clearly communicated across the system.

“The landscape review should also help unlock wider benefits for the Welsh public sector as a whole – identifying areas where we can collaborate to make significant improvements to users’ experience of services, or to save resources that would be better used elsewhere. It will provide an evidence base for teams across Wales to draw upon when making a case for future investments.”

Image from iStock, Natanael Ginting

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