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CENSIS launches IoT development kits


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Scotland’s centre of excellence for the internet of things has launched a series of IoT development kits for testing solutions on premises.

Named IoT2Go, they have been created by CENSIS under a programme funded by the Scottish Government to demonstrate the potential of the IoT.

The organisation, which is hosted by the University of Glasgow, said the plug and play development kits can be set up without any technical or coding experience, or used by those with IoT knowledge as a development platform.

The user, who only needs broadband access and a USB charger, can connect the system and sign in to the CENSIS dashboard, which comes with ‘out of the box’ configurations for indoor, outdoor and vision development kits.

It makes it possible to connect to sensors and monitor information. The indoor version covers factors such as air quality, air pressure, temperature, humidity, ambient noise and people movement, while the outdoor version takes in local weather parameters and vision captures real time counts and classifications of people and objects.

Bespoke possibilities

CENSIS said that once an organisation has trialled a kit and developed a clear idea of what it wants an IoT system to do, it can work with it on a more bespoke solution.

The move follows the launch by CENSIS in November of an IoT security programme to support businesses and developers to come up with new products and approaches that will enhance the resilience of networks and devices.

The Scottish Government has also made a commitment to encouraging the deployment of IoT technology in the public sector with plans for a procurement framework for relevant software, hardware and services.

Image from US Federal Trade Commission, public domain through Wikimedia.

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