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'Data first' modernisation


Helen Olsen Bedford Publisher

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During the pandemic data lay at the core of the country’s response. But the response also demonstrated that, despite a decade of 'cloud first' and digital transformation, data still lies in silos; and that data maturity differs widely between organisations.

Is it time to pivot from 'cloud first' to focus on 'data first' transformation? Is it time to put data at the heart of service design? 

Catch up now with this UKA Live episode produced in partnership with HPE

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On the panel: 

  • Dr. Claire Bloomfield, Director of Centre for Improving Data Collaboration 
    NHS England
  • Steve Hall, Chief Executive Officer, Crown Hosting Data Centres
  • Russell Macdonald, Chief Technology Officer Public Sector, HPE
  • Hosted by Helen Olsen Bedford, Publisher, UKAuthority

Resources mentioned in discussion:

HPE believes it’s time to deliver conscious digital transformation for all publicly funded organisations, irrespective of digital maturity, legacy debt or available skills. Get it touch with them here or discover more about Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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