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Cameron promises blue light shared service law



Legislation will enable police, fire and ambulance services to combine back office functions

New legislation will be introduced to enable the police, fire and ambulance services to combine back office functions, including IT and procurement, the prime minister is to announce today.

In a speech on public service reform, David Cameron will also praise the work of the Government Digital Service and criticise those who oppose service reforms, saying: “I believe the creation of the Government Digital Service is one of the great unsung triumphs of the last Parliament. A whole series of things that used to involve complicated paperwork can now be done online – from registering to vote to paying your taxes.”


“Part of the issue is our mentality. When a business uses technology to deliver more for less, it’s regarded as a good thing. But when government does it, it’s too often just badged as cuts. It’s as though good business is somehow bad government. This attitude has to change.”

Further legislation will enable police and crime commissioners and the London mayor to take over control of England’s fire and rescue services, the PM will announce.

Picture: iStockphoto/Bridget McGill

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