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Cabinet Office plans portal for charity funding


The Cabinet Office is making plans for an online portal for charities to apply for grants under government schemes.

It has begun to look for support in the project, with the market notice pointing out there is no single ‘go to’ place to find or apply for government grants, which makes it a complicated and time consuming process.

In response, it is aiming to develop a grants single applicant portal for the whole of government.

A discovery process has been completed, the Cabinet Office is now beginning an alpha phase to be completed by the end of next January, and it is looking for support in the beta development.

It wants to run a pilot focused on increasing awareness of funding opportunities and distributing funds more widely in line with the levelling up agenda. Part of this will involve automating the pre-award due diligence.

“This innovative model would enable a step change in UK government grant making and completely re-set the way in which government, public sector bodies, charities and SMEs and citizens interact,” the notice says.

Image from iStock, gGocmen

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