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Cabinet Office plans fraud data repository



System will support Counter Fraud Data Alliance in cross-sector effort to fight fraud

The Cabinet Office has begun to work on the development of a repository for public and private sector organisations to share data on ‘known fraud’.

It has published a procurement notice for a supplier to build and manage the repository as part of the creation of the Counter Fraud Data Alliance (CFDA), previously known as the Counter Fraud Checking Service.

The CFDA will provide a mechanism for member organisations to share information with the aim of preventing more fraud at the application stage, identifying more up front and improving the risk management.

The repository will make it possible for members to upload data in a prescribed manner, and consolidate multiple files for download by other members.

The Cabinet Office has stipulated that the operator will have to be one on the list of specified anti-fraud organisations (SAFOs). These are registered to receive relevant information from public authorities, and include CIFAS, Experian and the Insurance Fraud Bureau.

According to the Annual Fraud Indicator quoted by the Cabinet Office, the collective loss to fraud each year for the UK economy is £193 billion, much of which is undetected. Prevention is managed largely on a sector-by-sector basis, but the CFDA repository would increase the scope for cooperation between sectors.

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