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Bradford rolls out tablet system for home care


Council works with local social care tech firm to take records onto digital platform

Bradford Council has begun to make a digital record-keeping system available to support care for older people at home.

The metropolitan district is working with local social care tech company Konnektis, which developed the system, to make it widely available following a small scale pilot last year.

It said the platform can securely store all information about a person’s care on a tablet computer that remains in their home.

Carers using Konnektis can access and update key information, such as when a person had a meal or medication support. It is saved and shared with other people in their care network so that everyone is up to date.

A notification system automatically sends alerts to the tablet when a change has been made to a care plan, and carers have to click to say they have read and understood the change. They can also access previous care visit notes so they are aware of any details which could impact on their current visit.

The system also records the time the visit was made, for how long and details of the carers who visited. Home care managers and families can see the information on a secure website.

Efficient approach

Councillor Val Slater, Bradford’s executive member for health and wellbeing, said: “This is a much more efficient way of keeping a person’s care records, meaning information can be accessed quickly and easily by every professional who visits them which will lead to things being done more efficiently and important details being passed on.”

The system is replacing a reliance on paper records by the council, and fits into its Home First vision which aims to provide high quality care at home.

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