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AGENDA - Local Digital Futures: The Internet of Things & Local Public Services

Free full day event - 8th June, London

The final agenda for our flagship Local Digital Futures event on 8th June is now available. Designed specifically for senior public and civil servants who need to keep track of the impact evolving technologies will have on their organisations and the citizens they serve, this event focuses on the Internet of Things.

Details of the packed agenda are below, but if you would like to attend this free event for the public sector in London next Monday there are still a last few places available - book here now:



10:00 – Welcome  Cathy Francis, Deputy Director Corporate & Digital Communications, Department for Communities and Local Government

10:05 - The Internet of Things and Public Services  Michel Van Der Bel , Managing director, Microsoft UK

10:20 - IoT innovation at scale  Jonny Voon, Lead Technologist IoT, Innovate UK

10:30 - IoT in Domiciliary Care  Debbie Johnson, Head of ICT Business Development, Kent County Council

10:45 - Building IoT solutions in Milton Keynes 
Sarah Gonsalves, Head of Performance and Information, Milton Keynes

11:00 - Rethinking smart cities from the ground up with IoT 
Tom Saunders, IoT policy lead, nesta

11:10 - Internet of Things – Consumer Dream or Privacy Nightmare? 
Jos Creese, President, BCS (former CIO, Hampshire CC)

11:25- A Resilient Future 
William Barker, Head of Digital & Cyber Resilience, DCLG

11:40 - Tomorrow’s vision with today’s technology  
Denise McDonagh, Consultant, Rainmaker (former Director of IT, Home Office)


12:15 - IoT in action - Speed briefings x 3

  • Room A - Digital addresses for the Internet of Things – Saving money using UPRNs 
    Richard Mason, Managing Director, Geoplace
    The Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) is a key element in driving forward effective and targeted service delivery. Placing the UPRN at the core of every service delivery system enables data sharing and joined-up working resulting in better services and access to a wealth of public information online.
  • Room B - The Internet of Things: What's in it for the public sector?
    Stewart Davison, Business Development Manager, Capita
    Self-surveying property, smart meters and smart homes are great but will they work in the real world? Stewart Davison from Capita will consider some IoT practical use cases and business benefits, as well as uncover some of the exploratory work going on at Capita. Radical change for asset management, energy use and the management of public spaces is just around the corner, and the public sector needs to be ready to take advantage.
  •  Room C - A Single Pane of Glass
    Paul Philips, Head of ICT, NPT Homes / Jonathan Holyhead, Managing Director, 365 Agile
    Organisations are under pressure to reduce operational cost, improve customer service and enable self-service. IoT suggests it can help us manage assets in a more effective way - but how do we achieve this? Agile provides a single pane of glass into all of your disparate data, systems, documents and IoT.


13:45 - Cloud first into the future - Speed briefings x 3

  •  Room A - Cloud Automation that delivers!
    Neil Bacon, Head of Public Sector, Tquila
    Using cloud technology that joins separate parts of the organisation, partners and processes in a way never seen before..
  • Room B - Cloud: a secure, commodity tool for making IoT a reality
    Jan Joubert, Consultant, Rainmaker Solutions / Denise McDonagh, Consultant, Rainmaker Solutions (former Director of IT, Home Office)
    Former G-Cloud SRO and IT Director at the Home Office, Denise McDonagh, and Rainmaker Solutions founder, Jan Joubert, talk in practical terms about commodity cloud services providing a commidity, low cost base for working with IoT and big data.
  • Room C - IoT: is your organisation ready?
    Logan Sealey, Local Government Director, Skyscape Cloud Services
    Can your current IT infrastructure manage and facilitate high velocity and high variety data efficiently? This session will look at how cloud computing can deliver agility and cost efficiencies whilst supporting the emergence of IoT.

14:35 - Future Focus: Improving customer services - reducing costs Speed briefings x 3

  • Room A - Deflect expensive contact to more cost effective digital channels
    Spencer Newsham, Public Sector Account Director, Live Person
    Delivering digital by default is a challenge when many of us choose more traditional methods of getting in touch to ask for information or to get help, for example calling 101 or 111 to get essential services. What if you could reduce cost of delivering these services by 30% by deflecting simple service questions and minimizing wait times? Join this session to find out how you can better use current resources to deliver a better service at a lower cost with higher citizen satisfaction using IVR deflection to messaging: " 1 to chat with us. We'll send you a link and we'll handle your query right away."
  •  Room B - Channel Shift in Customer Services
    Ian Taylor, Enterprise Account Manager, Public Sector, Zendesk
    Zendesk are supporting Public Sector organisations in their quest to improve customer service across multiple channels. As pressures of reduced budgets continue, public sector organisations are challenged with improving customer services across traditional and emerging digital channels. Learn how Local Authorities are working with Zendesk to tackle these challenges.
  •  Room C - Improving outcomes through social collaboration
    Stuart Beech, Head of Public Sector Sales, Unify
    Let your citizens be your eyes and ears; inform you where the potholes are, when vandals strike, of environmental pollution or simply where streetlights are not working. Use proactive social collaboration to communicate in the event of an incident or natural disaster. Join Unify for a fully interactive session.

15:30 - Local Authorities aren't buying technology any more - they are buying great design
Matt Culpin, Creative Director, Jadu

15:45 - Local Digital Open API Demonstrator - Deferred Payments Calculator
Paul Tomlinson, Managing Director, IEG4 / Linda O'Halloran, Head of Products, DCLG Local Digital

16:00 - Headline IoT survey results and round up
Helen Olsen Bedford, Head of Comms, Local Digital


16:30 - CLOSE

PLEASE NOTE: We will be unveiling the headline results of our research 'What does the Internet of Things mean to your council?' To add your thoughts fill in our quick survey ahead of the day click here:

Pictured: Front cover report: Internet of things: making the most of the second digital revolution (Open Government Licence v3.0).

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