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Accenture wins HMRC online tax services deal



Framework contract for digital applications involves building a new cloud tax management platform

HM Revenue & Customs’ embrace of all things digital has taken another leap forward in the shape of it bringing Accenture on board to help with personal tax services.

The professional services giant said in an announcement that it has won a contract to help the taxman “increase its use of digital technologies” in the National Insurance and PAYE Service (NPS).

Accenture declined to detail the size of the deal, explaining that it is a framework contract running from 2016-20 “so the value ultimately depends on HMRC”.

What we do know is that for the next four years Accenture has the contract to build a new secure cloud tax management platform for the 45 million UK personal taxpayers, via what it describes as “application services”. This work is an extension to Accenture’s exiting NPS work, part of over 20 years of partnership between the two.

Some more details of the project emerged in an interview the supplier’s Mark Larsen gave to the ChronicleLive in Newcastle. He said the deal would directly create at least 30 new tech jobs at its already 650-strong Newcastle Delivery Centre, of which he is managing director.

It will deliver a system that he sees being fully in line with the Government’s overall strategy to offer greater accessibility and choice to service users.

Transformation and re-engineering

“In support of HMRC’s innovative and customer focused programme, we will deploy leading digital technologies to radically transform and re-engineer the National Insurance PAYE Service applications and architecture, placing them at the heart of taxation for individuals,” he said.

“This is a positive story for the Delivery Centre and in terms of the work undertaken in the North-East with one of our most important government clients.”

National spending watchdog the National Audit Office cautioned HMRC earlier this month about the speed of its plans to go digital, worrying that they had not all been fully costed out. This deal suggests the Revenue remains confident in its plans.


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