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A leap forward for business continuity


Industry Voice


The Covid-19 lockdown demands rapid changes in how organisations handle their business continuity, says Spencer Sutton, solutions architect at Rackspace Technology.

Some of the company's public sector customers had strategies for change that were scheduled to take six months to two years but were implemented in days or weeks, responding to the need for a big increase in home working. A big element of this was in leveraging cloud services such as VMware on AWS, enabling home workers to carry on using the applications they needed.

But there are pitfalls, with some organisations facing a knowledge gap as they attempt to step up their use of cloud infrastructure, and it usually needs expert support to ensure the transition is designed correctly first time. If things are not done correctly it can create problems that will undermine business continuity.

Sutton explains in more detail in the interview below.

UKAuthority and Rackspace Technology have collaborated on a series of reports and papers in 2020 investigating key issues for public sector technology, digital and data. You can read more about how Covid has necessitated a switch in focus from recovery to continuity in the briefing note, 'Covid, a new dimension for business continuity'. Complete the form to the left to download

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