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Session One - Wednesday, 9th March 2022

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03:00: Powering Public Services through Partnership and Place - Georgina Maratheftis, Associate Director - Local Public Services, techUK
How we build on the place based innovations we saw at the start of the pandemic and the role procurement can play as an enabler of innovation. A key part of place based transformation is meaningful partnerships and Georgina Maratheftis puts the spotlight on what good industry collaboration and engagement looks like (Download slides)

17:50: Hybrid Cloud & Hybrid Workplace - Murat Dilek, Network & Infrastructure, Cybersecurity Operation Team Leader, Falkirk Council
Murat Dilek outlines the council's journey to a hybrid cloud model and explores where does the corporate network start and stop these days (Download slides)

31:30: Enterprise Cloud Index: cloud trends in UK Public Sector - Andrew Puddephatt, Director - UK Public Sector, Nutanix
Andrew Puddephatt shares findings of the fourth Nutanix research report on cloud deployments and adoption trends - with a particular focus in this session on the public sector (Download slides)

45:43: Scaling-up benefits from digital health trials - Robert Franks, Managing Director, WM5G Limited
West Midlands are using 5G sensors and data to improve patient care. Here Robert Franks shares insights and lessons and next steps to extend some of these concepts nationally (Download slides)

57:30: Q&A / panel discussion

Session Two - Thursday, 10th March 2022

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01:24: Automation accelerating the digital transformation of Public Services - David Burrows, Public Sector Industry leader, UiPath
Figures suggest as much as £480 billion in Government revenue is reliant on systems that are out of date. Here David Burrow talks about tackling the challenge of legacy technology within the public sector and how automation can bridge the gap between different pieces of legacy software, giving them a new lease of life (Download slides)

11:37: Digital Robotic Automation Centre of Excellence - Dave More, Service Owner, Digital Robotic Automation Centre of Excellence, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
Dave More showcases Defra's Digital Robotic Automation Centre of Excellence - a unique and innovative low risk delivery methodology and how that applies to a mix of modern and legacy estate (Download slides)

28:48: Creating a single council view - Rob De Felice, Business Development Director, IEG4
Rob De Felice gives a brief overview of IEG4's OneVu - a single place where citizens, businesses and partners can access council services in a consistent and coherent way while providing seamless integration to back-office systems in 'real-time' (Download slides)

42:40: Lambeth's Digital Customer Platform - Natasa Patterson, Director of Resident Experience and Digital, London Borough of Lambeth
Natasa Patterson discusses with event host Helen Olsen Bedford how Lambeth is working on a council wide digital customer platform, with a focus on the citizen experience and delivery (Watch here

56:00: Q&A / panel discussion 

Session Three - Friday, 11th March 2022

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05:58: How Covid has shaped London's digital transformation journey - Eddie Copeland, Director, London Office of Technology & Innovation
Eddie Copeland shares his observations on the major digital trends and issues that the Covid crisis highlighted, and which of them are shaping London local government's future direction. He explains how LOTI is working to bring the relevance of digital and data innovation to a far wider audience and invest in the skills needed for London to be a more resilient city (Watch here)

16:32: Digital Policing of the Future - Ian Bell, Chief Executive, Police Digital Service
In this session Ian Bell outlines the role of the PDS in taking forward the national strategy with priorities and enablers to make better use of digital technology and data in policing. He shares the overall vision, achievements to-date, challenges ahead and next steps (Download slides)

34:10: We all understand that out lives are complex - David Price, Director, Public Sector Cloud, Rackspace Technology
David Price talks about the role of cloud as an enabler to deliver better services. He explains the work of Rackspace, how it's relevant to the public sector and how it can help organisations progress on their digital journey (Download slides)

49:54: Microsoft ICS HLD - Jonathan Tapping, Enterprise Specialist - Azure, Microsoft 
Jonathan Tapping highlights how Microsoft can help support organisations across health and social care in a new integrated care systems (ICS) world (Download slides)

1:03:51: Q&A / panel discussion


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