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OneVu customer engagement system - Webinar Programme - 12th September, 15th October, 27th November

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Available dates: 12th September, 15th October, 27th November

A customer engagement system which enables your customer to view personal information, search online services, upload documents and track the progress of their enquiry and in doing so creates a unique customer account experience. 

The OneVu customer engagement system which was designed with a mobile first strategy spans all of an organisation's departments and enables a customer to: 

  • register/sign in quickly - they can even sign in using Facebook, Google and Microsoft accounts 
  • view personal information and bills/notifications related to Council Tax and Benefits with real time authentication - no letter with PIN numbers! 
  • search for and complete online services from all departments 
  • track the progress of any request they make irrespective of department 
  • view requests for information related to their request and upload documents - digitising the entire request. 

To discover more and to register for the Webinars taking place throughout the year, please click on the registration button below:   


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