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Delivering RoI of 6:1 on your data

Time: 11:00-12:00 via Teams Live

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On the panel: 

Nadira Hussain, Chief Executive Officer, Socitm

Juliet Whitworth, Head of Research and Information, LGA

Nick Chapallaz, Managing Director, GeoPlace LLP

Helen Olsen Bedford, Publisher, UKAuthority 

Is your organisation getting best value from its data assets?

Data is foundational to create a modern, thriving democracy with public services that are fit for purpose. But there are real difficulties: budgets are challenging, and finances have been cut to the bone. This often means that, within a council, any services or functionality that isn’t understood, can often be side-lined or even discarded when, in fact, it may make all the difference to robust decision-making.

A new report shows that widespread adoption and use of address and street data in local authorities and other public sector organisations could generate £384m savings in local government alone over 2022-26 - with an enhanced return on investment of 6:1.

Is your organisation delivering the true value of its data? Does it have a consistent, joined up evidence base across place to underpin decision making? Does it use a standard ‘golden thread’ to weave data together around people and places?

Join us on 7th October at 11:00 to explore how using the common standards of unique property reference numbers (UPRNs) and unique street reference numbers (USRNs) enables disparate data sets to be linked across and between organisations - revealing insights that can not only improve services but also uncover opportunities for savings. The panel will outline the evidence and give tips on how your authority can make savings in the following areas (the amounts are the discounted benefits for local government as a whole):

  • Highways asset management - £190.7 million
  • Waste management - £180 million
  • Customer relationship management - £177.9 million
  • Non-domestic rates - £74.9 million
  • Data integration - £171 million
  • Adult social care - £9.8 million

Our partner 

Geoplace logo
GeoPlace LLP is the central source of information for all UK addresses and streets. It manages the data that officially defines more than 42.8 million addresses and 1.3 million streets in the UK.

A joint venture between the Local Government Association and Ordnance Survey, GeoPlace LLP was created when the then Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government called for a standard index of addresses to be created, to help the UK work more efficiently.

Who should attend?

Suggested, but not limited to  Chief Digital & Data Officers, CIOs, Heads of IT, Assistant and Chief Executives, Members, Heads of Services, Transformation and Change, Customer Insight, Finance, Strategy and Corporate Services, Heads of Digital, Data and Digital Leaders, Data Custodians.


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