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Catch up: Innovation & Data4Good 21

Wednesday 13 October to Friday 15 October

Innovation and Data4Good 2021 explored the effective and innovative use of data in the public sector's covid response. Now that this power has been seen, what can we do next? 

With thanks to our specialist partners Hitachi Solutions and Precisely for supporting this CPD accredited UKAuthority event

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Time stamps below the videos indicate the start of each presentation or discussion panel. There are also links to speaker slides where these are available

Session One - Wednesday, 13th October
  • 02:20: The National Data Strategy: One Year On - Bethan Charnley, Head of Data Strategy Implementation, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport
    The National Data Strategy was published in September 2020 to initiate a conversation about how we make the most of data's opportunities. One year on, Head of National Data Strategy Implementation, Bethan Charnley, reflects on the progress that has been made to date in delivering against the strategy's priority missions and shares plans for monitoring and evaluating the strategy's progress moving forward (Download slides)
  • 20:20: World leading AI needs the right regulatory sandwich - Bill Mitchell, Director of Policy, BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT
    The world is awash with guidance, advice, and standards about what to do and what not to do to make AI be the answer to all your prayers, but too often it is disconnected from professional practice. All of which makes it hard to know what to do in the real world, particularly if you want be as innovative as possible while not falling foul of future legislation. One key component to all this is having the right regulations together with the right regulators to help organisations genuinely innovate in ways that benefit everyone. Bill Mitchell considers some of the issues around building that kind of framework, which is timely given the current plethora of government consultations on this issue. It’s all about creating the right kind of regulatory sandwiches, of course (Download slides)
  • 42:06: Power of Partnerships & Data - Dionne Lowndes, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, London Borough of Southwark 
    Dionne Lowndes discusses three key themes: Ready for Reset – key reflections Post Covid; Power of Partnerships – who Southwark is working with and why and Data Ready – systems for systems sake (Download slides
  • 51:54: Building an enterprise data capability to support our communities - Freddie Saunders, Data & Power Platform Specialist - Public Sector, Hitachi Solutions
    Freddie Saunders explores how public sector organisations (local government & healthcare) are building a central data capability within their organisations to help address some of society's greatest challenges. He discusses what a central data capability is, how organisations get started and gives examples from across health and local government (Download slides)
  • 1:09:30: Q&A / panel discussion
Session Two - Thursday, 14th October 
  • 02:21: Healthcare Data For Research: Creating positive health outcomes through data - Graham Spearing, Data Alliance Product Lead, NHS Digital
    NHS Digital supplies information and data to the health service, provides vital technological infrastructure, and helps different parts of health and care work together. Graham Spearing provides a short summary of some of the work it has been doing to support positive health outcomes. He also updates on the data platform and how it will evolve for the future (Download slides)
  • 21:00: Dynamic Demographics: Understanding human mobility and changing behaviours post Covid (Part One) - Harvey Blenkarne, Public Sector Lead, Precisely and Nick Hall, Consultant, Mapchester and
  • 32:32: Dynamic Demographics: Understanding human mobility and changing behaviours post Covid (Part Two) - Martin James, Senior Account Director, Precisely
    Precisely has been using its large demographic portfolio to help clients understand people and the places where they live, work, shop and play – and how patterns of behaviour have changed during the pandemic. This session focuses on the new addition to the portfolio, Dynamic demographics and looks to a city area example of spend and footfall. Socioeconomic, purchasing power indicators and segmentation, along with mobile location data allows users to make better decisions with keener insight into who and where people are, and anticipate what they need (Download slides)
  • 43:55: Transformation through confident data sharing - Dawn Monaghan, Head of Information Governance policy, NHSX
    The drive for digital transformation relies heavily on the use of data and that sharing of information between organisations, sometimes across sectors. Dawn Monaghan explores how NHSX IG Policy can assist, in not only raising awareness of the duty to share but also building the confidence to do so (Download slides)
  • 59:57: Q&A / panel discussion 
Session Three - Friday, 15th October
  • 02:06: Doing data science at scale in the public sector: the traffic cameras project - Dr Arthur Turrell, Deputy Director, ONS Data Science Campus
    Dr Andrew Turrells talks about doing data science at scale and showing how far the campus has come in developing the capability by giving a specific example undertaken during the pandemic - the traffic cameras project (Download slides)
  • 19:25: Over the rainbow - Maddy Griffiths, Senior Policy Officer - Innovation Hub, Information Commissioner's Office 
    How do we encourage innovation with patient data without losing public trust? Or is the future of data-driven personalised medicine envisioned in 2019’s Topol review an unachievable goal for the UK? Suggestions and provocations on how we might compliantly use patient data for good (Download slides)
  • 31:21: Routine data for pandemic innovation - Dr Tom Lawton, Head of Clinical AI & Consultant Critical Care, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 
    In recent years there has been an explosion of routine data and access to it; and the pandemic has only accelerated this. Whilst it needs treating differently to research data it is no less valuable, and at Bradford Institute for Health Research we have been using it in a number of ways to innovate, model, and intervene during the pandemic (Download slides)
  • 47:25: Our journey towards data maturity - Salman Klar, Insight and Analytics Manager, Richmond and Wandsworth councils
    Over the past two years Richmond and Wandsworth councils have been on a journey towards data maturity in order to deliver innovative, value for money services for residents. In this presentation Salman Klar shares actions taken, challenges faced, successes and lessons learned to date (Download slides)
  • 01:09:40: Q&A / panel discussion 
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